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LATIN AMERICA – General Aspects

Latin American markets are booming. Governments and industry are building infrastructure. The middle class has disposable income to spend. Demand for foreign products and services is at an all-time high.

How can you take advantage of this phenomenon?

For many North American companies, Latin America is a challenge. A copy-and-paste strategy from Asia or Africa will not work.

LATIN AMERICAN ENTRY POINTS will help you better understand the challenges and opportunities to doing business in Latin America, and will suggest ways to optimize your business development strategy in the region.

White Paper: Latin America Entry Points – White Paper_updated_2016

Startup Ecosystem—Colombia

The first thing you think of when Colombia comes to mind is probably not the country’s IT sector. Colombia actually is developing a good startup ecosystem and becoming one of the strongest economies in the region.

Colombia has a population of 46 million people and it’s part of the Pacific Alliance countries (Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru) an economic block in Latin America with a total population of 217.6 million people, the counterpart of Brazil in this aspect, as well in GDP.

The tech sectors that are being developed in Colombia include: ICT, Fintech, Energy, bio-tech and some agro tech. This report will focus on ICT, Energy and Fintech.

White Paper: Startup Ecosystem—Colombia

Startup Ecosystem—Peru

Peru is booming. And not just tourism, either—the high-tech sector is about to explode.
But Peru can be a difficult place to do business, if you don’t know how the country works.
This white paper highlights the developing tech sectors in Peru and offers insights on how best to take advantage of the opportunities available right now in the Peruvian market.

White Paper: Startup Ecosystem—Peru

Startup Ecosystem – Chile

Chile is one of the most mature economies in Latin America. Santiago is a well-organized city with good public transport. Chileans have been dealing with international business people for years, especially in the mining sector. The government offers significant incentives for foreign companies wishing to open an office in Chile.

White Paper: Startup Ecosystem—Chile

Startup Ecosystem – Mexico

Mexico has a booming high-tech economy, with soaring demand for both B2C, B2B, and B2G solutions. Part of NAFTA, Mexico is the natural “first step” into Latin America for most businesses considering a move into the region.

White Paper: Startup Ecosystem—Mexico

Startup Ecosystem – Brazil

Brazil is unique in Latin America, not just because they speak Portuguese, but also because the way they do business differs from their Spanish-speaking neighbors. Brazil, the saying goes, is really many Brazils—regional differences across this enormous country are striking.

White paper: Startup Ecosystem—Brazil

Startup Ecosystems – Argentina & Uruguay

Uruguay and Argentina are very similar countries in terms of language, food and culture. In terms of business and economy, however, they are very different.

The two countries have developed a strong talent pool of experienced software engineers, who in addition possess some of the best English-speaking skills in the region. Many successful startups have come out of Argentina, including Bluesmart, Despegar, and Mercado Libre.

White paper: Startup Ecosystem—Argentina_Uruguay