Latin American Markets


santiagoChile was one of Exports from Canada to Chile rose to nearly USD $798 million in 2012, and consisted primarily of heavy machinery, minerals, petroleum and derivative products.Since signing the FTA in 1997, trade between Canada and Chile has tripled, to a total of USD $2.5 billion in 2012. the first Latin American countries to sign a free trade agreement with Canada. Unlike many countries in the region, Chile has become expert at managing public-private partnerships for large infrastructure projects via its Sistema de Conseción (Concession System), and looks to continue this strategy for the forseeable future.
Exports from Chile to Canada during the same time frame rose to USD $1.7 billion, and consisted principally of precious stones, base metals, fresh fruit, copper, fish, seafood, and wine.

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bogota (1)Since signing a free trade deal in 2011, Colombia has lowered trade barriers for Canadian companies in the following sectors: petroleum & gas, mining, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Between 2000 and 2009, bilateral trade in the service sector rose 35%. Canadian service exports to Colombia alone account for 57.8% of this rise.

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lima (1)Peru has emerged as one of the strongest economies in the region. The country is growing rapidly, and offers one of the most attractive prospects for doing business and investing in over the next decade.

Massive infrastructure improvements are coming online. The port authority is planning a big upgrade at Callao. Improved highways are needed all over the country, including highways into the mountains to serve the mining companies. Electrical transmission lines are to be built all across the country. Renewable energy is also a hot topic in Peru, and the country looks set to make major investments in this space.

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montevideo (1)Canada signed two free trade agreements with Uruguay in the late 1990s (the ACCI and the FIPA). The average growth in trade between the two countries since then has been 1.9%, roughly equivalent between both countries. With the rapid growth of the Brazilian market, Uruguay looks set to continue beefing up its trade links with North America.

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rio (1)Brazil is the biggest market in Latin America, this country itself drives around 50% of different business in Latin America. Canada has seen this as a huge advantage to enter in region. Go South! Consulting in association with Occasio International Advisory Services aim to connect Canada with Brazil.


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