So you want to scale into Latin America. Where do you start?







Latin America represents a huge market for high-tech companies–a market that many North American companies overlook.

There’s no better time to diversify markets. And if you’re new to Latin America, the Pacific Alliance is a great start—not to mention Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

Export Development Canada (EDC) and Startup Canada awarded Go South! Consulting Inc  to lead a series of five LatAm 101 workshops across Canada in 2016.

This year, Go South! are perparing eight LatAm 101 workshops across both Canada and Latin America—Toronto (x 3), Waterloo, Sao Paolo, Lima, Bogota, and Mexico City.

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PLUS—special opportunities for micro-sponsorship are available. Expand your brand in different markets. for more details.

Pictures by: Tyx, JoaquinsanchezAR, Marcosleal, Ms643,

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