The next meeting Canada-LatAm is in Mexico!

If you’re looking for the next market, for softlanding and crosslanding alternatives to scale your startup, you should come to Mexico this year.

For the third time we’re presenting a platform where Canada and Latin America can present their programs, find collaboration opportunities and help startups to scale!

We are thrilled to have representatives from Canada such as DMZ Ryerson, University of Waterloo, Invest Toronto, NACO, Export Development Canada and Pycap Corp., and from Latin America we have a great representation from Mexico: Startup Mexico, INADEM, ProMexico, Tec Monterrey, Angel Ventures between others.

The meeting is also with Startup Brasil, Startup Buenos Aires, Startup Chile, I-DEV International from Peru and some other representatives coming from Colombia, Costa Rica and other countries from Latin America.

It’s an amazing time to expand business, specially when you’re supported by Global Affairs Canada, ProMexico, Tec Monterrey, UPS, DMZ Ryerson and Moneta Partners.

The communities that are involved are so active in their own startup ecosystems we feel supported by Startup Canada, Startup Toronto, Startup Peel, Startup Buenos Aires, Startup Chile, Startup Brasil, Startup Peru and Younoodle. All of them are great organizations working hard to encourage people to create their own companies.

What are you going to see in Mexico this year?

We’re planning a startup ecosystem tour in October 12, visiting four companies supporting startups in Mexico city.

In October 13, we’re presenting the programs of Startup Mexico, Startup Brasil, Startup Chile and Startup Buenos Aires. We have a great keynote, honored to have Robert Lane presenting the 20 facts for what startups fail, and then we have the presentations of DMZ Ryerson, NACO, Angel Ventures Mexico, finally closing up with a great keynote from University of Waterloo.

In October 14, we’re having the presentations of Pycap Corp, Tec Monterrey and a panel of how to go global with institutions that are helping startups to expand business. As well, we’re having special sections in the three sectors booming up right now in Mexico: Fintech, IoT and Energy.

We’re going to have an extra activity, this is a surprise we’re going to release soon!

Check the agenda and decide soon if you’re going to Mexico this year. To Register go to this LINK and apply the promo code: LATAM2016 it’ll give you 50% discount.

See you in Mexico!

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