Chile: When the government is the best friend of a startup nation

Chile_Startup EcosystemChile is one of the most mature economies in Latin America. Santiago is a well-organized city with good public transport. Chileans have been dealing with international business people for years, especially in the mining sector. The government offers significant incentives for foreign companies wishing to open an office in Chile.

Culturally speaking, Chile is an early adopter.  Business practices in the country tend to be rigid, however—the CEO in a company usually is the best person to contact. Some Chileans don’t answer emails; get used to it. Phone calls are better. In person meetings are best.

Chile is the gateway to Latin America for many companies, and nowhere more so than the mining sector.

Doing business in Chile, nine times out of ten, means doing business in Santiago. The city has one of the best metro systems in the region, and it will take you (mostly) wherever you want to go—and faster than a taxi.

Chuquicamata is by excavated volume the largest open pit copper mine in the world.

Chile has also been an innovator in Latin America, pioneering health care and pension systems that other countries in the region have adopted.

The country has a well-educated work force, and welcomes foreign investment and trade.

Santiago has been rated in the Top 20 Global Hot Spots for startups, the only country in Latin America to make the list.

There’s not perfection in the system, but Chile keeps improving—there is not a magic formula, but Chile is creating it by its own.

Learn more HERE about one of the most mature startup ecosystems in Latin America, and one of the best examples of an innovation nation in the world.

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