The Peruvian startup ecosystem: The golden opportunity in the region

Peru is booming. And not just tourism, either—the high-tech sector is about to explode.

The startup ecosystem in Peru is relatively new compared to other countries in the region. Peru’s economy has stabilized over the last two decades, but still lags behinds its peers in the region in terms of technology and innovation.

Despite the challenges, Peruvians know it’s only a matter of time before the country catches up with its peers in the region, and are working hard to close that gap.

The transformation is coming to Peru—Government, universities, and some other players are putting an effort to create a good startup ecosystem.

patrick_watson“Peru is in a very early stage, is not as developed as Chile, Mexico or Colombia, but there is where investors can get an opportunity.”

—Patrick Watson, Director Financial Services Group at IDEV International

Those that go first to this market will find the golden opportunity to create everything from scratch, knowing all the ingredients are there to make a nice recipe! Learn more about this Latin American startup nation in our White Paper: Peru – Startup Ecosystem 

Peru_Startup Ecosystem

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