Colombian startup ecosystem: The strength is in the local talent

The first thing you think of when Colombia comes to mind is probably not the country’s IT sector. Colombia actually is developing a good startup ecosystem and becoming one of the strongest economies in the region.

Colombia has a population of 46 million people and it’s part of the Pacific Alliance countries (Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru) an economic block in Latin America with a total population of 217.6 million people, the counterpart of Brazil in this aspect, as well in GDP.

The tech sectors that are being developed in Colombia include: ICT, Fintech, Energy, bio-tech and some agro tech.

Colombia is conveniently located a short flight from both North and South America. Would you like to go to NY? 5 hours. What about Miami? 3 hours, in average 2.5 hours to go either Lima, Santiago or Mexico City.

But, what’s Colombia adding to the Latin American startup ecosystem?

“If you’re coming to Latin America, enter Mexico before Colombia. You should go to Colombia to search talent but not really for mentors helping you to get into the North America market.”

—Andres Barreto, Investor & Co-Founder SociaLatom

Colombia_Startup Ecosystem

Find more about this amazing Latin American startup nation, please go to this link and download a special report about Colombia.

Webinars about Colombia:

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