Nuts and Boltz: Business Development in Brazil

On December 15th @12PM EST we’ll be having a conversation with some experts from Brazil about how to develop business with this country.

Rafael PintoRafael Pinto is managing his own consulting work at Occasio International Advisory Services (Occasio). Working with partners for different projects and business development opportunities, Occasio seeks to assist its clients who want to work in Brazil and other countries as well.

Rafael has managed several projects that involved multi-stakeholder participation, including International Organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities, and government agencies. With over 13 years of experience in the design, implementation and expansion of large-scale regional programs in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the United States. He also has extensive experience in developing successful training programs. Tri-lingual (Portuguese, Spanish, and English).

eduardoEduardo Sette Camara started his career at FINEP’s (the Brazilian Innovation Agency) venture capital area managing an international cooperation agreement, called Inovar, with IADB/MIF aimed at fostering the venture capital ecosystem in Brazil and Latin America.

Having built an extensive knowledge and network through Brazil and LatAm, left FINEP after 7 years, 5 as manager of Inovar, to start his own company, Exim Ventures, focused on providing soft landing for foreign companies (mainly IT related) that want to enter the Brazilian market and investing/advising Brazilian companies looking for funding or internationalization throughout LatAm.

With a very hands-on approach, currently holds equity options, advises or consults for 9 local companies and 1 foreign startup. At the same time is also working with Brazil’s main audiovisual VC GP in raising 2 sector focused funds.

viniciusand Vinicius Machado, a tech entrepreneur, web designer and co-founder of X4 Startups, Colisões and Comunidade Kolaborativa. Vinicius is also a project coordinator at the Brazilian Startup Association’s communities committee, a mentor at Startup Farms, Microsoft Mobile App Accelerator Camp, Startup Weekend, and he participates as a judge at the Innovation Day Rio de Janeiro, DEMO Brasil and SEED MG programs.

Webinar Brazil

REGISTER HERE and for more information don’t hesitate to contact us!

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