How to Scale Your Startup into the Booming LatAm Markets

training sessionsCanadian startups looking to scale globally need a LatAm strategy. Latin America is booming and the region has huge potential for those who take the time to understand the business climate and culture.

So we’re putting together a flagship series of webinars to help startups do just that.

To Brazil or not to Brazil? What is the Pacific Alliance (and why is it so important to your business)? What does successful marketing look like in Latin America? (Hint: It’s not the same as in Canada!)


  • Nov 17 — LatAm 101 — To Brazil or Not To Brazil?
  • Dec 9 — Pacific Alliance — Business Tips from the Experts
  • Dec 15 — Nuts and Bolts: Biz Dev in Brazil

Along with information about the tech sectors in Latin America, we provide tips and guidance of how to do business there!

For those interested please go to Eventbrite and sign up!

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