8 Things You Didn’t Know About IT in Colombia

700x400 blog (1)The first thing you think of when Colombia comes to mind is probably not the country’s IT sector. But did you know Colombia’s IT sector is booming?

1.  Colombia is the third largest IT services provider in Latin America behind Brazil and Mexico; sales reached $2.24 billion USD last year.

2. According to the IMD, Colombia has the best qualified work force in South America.

3. More than 40% of Colombian university graduates speak English fluently.

4. Colombia has 9 submarine cables. So the occasional shark? Not a problem.

5. Colombia features one of the lowest costs in the region for telephone and Internet services.

6. According to IDC, during 2013 the IT market in Latin America reached $129.85 billion USD, a growth of 14.2% compared to 2012.

7. The largest IT companies in Colombia are: IBM, Oracle, Carvajal, SAP, Experian, Computec and Indra.

8. Colombia offers major tax incentives to foreign IT companies that want to open an office in the country.

For those located in Ontario, Procolombia is planning a bit tech event bringing 70 tech companies from Colombia. This event will be held at Metro Toronto Convention Centre on October 29, 2015. Toronto@Procolombia.co

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