Chile ­- The Mining Capital of Latin America

miningChile is the gateway to Latin America for many companies, and nowhere more so than the mining sector. This year two major events will be held in Chile: Exponor, and the Renewables & Mining Summit.

These events are must attend if your company is a provider to the mining industry. All the major players will be there, including key decision markers.

Exponor is the trade show for the mining sector in Latin America. Held only once every two years, companies from around the world descend on Antofagasta in the north of Chile to exhibit their products and talk mining, mining, mining. This year Exponor is doing something special: they are presenting an innovation platform, at which 50 of the most innovative Chilean startups will present their mining related products and services.

The Renewables & Mining Summit will explore the tremendous potential for large-scale projects for grid ­tied Chilean mines and hybrid solutions for remote mining operations. Important players from Canada and South Africa will be in attendance, among many others. The summit takes place in Santiago.

Both events are organized in May, making a long haul flight to Chile much more attractive.

Need more information? Maybe you want to attend, but don’t speak Spanish? We offer guide service to both events, including introductions to key players, translation during meetings, and assistance with post ­event negotiations. We can even help you find local lawyers to review contractual fine print.

If you’ve been thinking of entering the booming Latin America markets, drop us a line:

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